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My sleep schedule is horrible

2008-06-26 04:33:36 by MRSA

I can't sleep when I want to. Every night I can't sleep until I start hearing the birds chirping and crap, and thats when I start to get tired. I finally fall asleep at around 5:00 AM, when everyone on early schedule starts getting up. I then wake up right before dinner, around 4-5 and then do whatever.

It's really bad though because I have graduation and a full day orientation for college. I also just want to be on a normal schedule. Also, I tried waking up early. I woke up at around 8 once after sleeping at around five, and didn't have anything to do (thus ending up in going back to sleep).

I'm going to stay up until right after dinner today. It's already 4:30 AM, just when I would normally start dieing. I feel pretty awake. I'm going to do anything to keep my heart rate up. I plan to run a bit on the track when the sun comes up to keep me awake. Wish me luck :D


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2008-06-26 07:45:19

Aw yeah man. If you want to break that shitty schedule, you gotta DooM Marine it like you mentioned. Drink coffee if it's available (if not, go buy some cola or an energy drink) and take a shower when you really start dying (probably around 12 or 1pm). Keep moving.

MRSA responds:

8:44 AM...
extreme tiredness. Lack of ability to concentrate. Feeling of extreme lethargy.


I have diablo 2 :D


2008-06-26 22:22:02

You'd make a good fast food employee, one of those "Open 24/7" places.

MRSA responds:

the only close store is this dunkin donuts that doesn't want part time for some reason :/


2008-06-27 09:37:40

I hope you get better. It sounds really horrible. Try visiting a doctor, or a sleep expert, they might be able to solve your problem.